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Finally after 15 years of hype, QR codes have finally broken through in 2011!

qr code the max design and print - vcardQR usage has quadrupled in the last year. Thanks to the mass adoption of smartphones and smartphone applications, QR codes are now very much in the limelight being applied to print, websites, signage and TV advertisements. The QR code provides us with an effective tool for engaging and linking our offline and online marketing presence.

What are QR codes?

QR (short for 'quick response') codes are 2D barcodes that can be scanned and read by smart phones. Using any free QR scanning app, simply use your phone just as you would your camera phone to take a picture. Once scanned an action will be triggered.

Adding value to your QR codes to give people a reason to scan your code will encourage interaction. Including a compelling call to action near your QR code like "Scan to Win!' or 'Scan & Save' will increase your QR success tenfold. For example you could run a competition to entice users to go to your site and register their email address.

Here are some innovative ideas for QR application:

  • Posters & Window Bills: Be one of the first businesses in your market to run a QR code on a poster or window bill to promote your business. The QR code could include your opening times, voucher codes or the location of your business viewed in the users mapping application.
  • Websites: Add a QR code to the “Contact Us” page on your website so that visitors can download your contact information to their smartphones.
  • Business Cards: Add a QR code to the front or back of your card so that people can instantly download your contact information.
  • Leaflets and Brochures: Add a QR code to your leaflet or brochure to link to your website for further information, instantly load your phone number to call your sales team or customer services, or give directions.
  • Books, Articles and eBooks: Add a QR code to books, articles and eBooks to link to social networking pages to encourage people to write reviews on your book or article.
  • Events: If you are planning an event, why not include a barcode which links to a mobile web page listing the programme of events and other useful event information?
  • LinkedIn and Facebook Pages: Adding a QR code to your LinkedIn and Facebook pages is one of the best ways you can position yourself as a forward, innovative thinker.
  • Posters with Vouchers: Add a QR code that drives them through to a special discount code that can be applied at the checkout both online and in store.
  • Dial a Phone Number: Want to encourage people to dial your number so they can order your product? Give them a QR code to scan. If it’s set up properly, it can instantly dial their phone and connect them with your sales center.

Conventionally QR codes have been black and white to keep things simple due to the limitations of the technology available, however as our mobile devices and cameras have become more sophisticated, QR codes can now be customised to make them look more interesting. Scan the QR code on our cube to call our sales team today and discuss how we can help you with your design, print and web!

qr code the max design and print

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